The Rise of EcofascismClimate Change and the Far Right
The Rise of Ecofascism
Climate Change and the Far Right

The world faces a climate crisis stretching deep into the 21st century and an ascendant far right. Are these trends related? How does the far right think about the environment, and what openings does the coming crisis present for them?

This incisive new book traces the long history of far-right environmentalism and explores how it is adapting to the contemporary world. It argues that right-wing extremists, after years of denying the reality of climate change, are now showing serious signs of reversing their strategy. A new generation of far-right activists has recognised a convenient truth: the global climate crisis represents their best chance yet for a return to relevance. In reality, however, their noxious blend of conspiracy, hatred, and violence is no solution at all: it is the “eco-socialism of fools.” Only a real commitment to climate justice can tackle the crisis we face and stop the far right in its tracks.

No-one interested in the struggle against right-wing extremism and the crusade for climate justice can afford to miss this trenchant critique of burgeoning eco-fascism.

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  • April 2022
  • 160 pages
  • 138 x 216 mm / 5 x 9 in
Available Formats
  • Hardback $59.95
  • 9781509545377
  • Paperback $19.95
  • 9781509545384
  • Open eBook $48.00
  • 9781509545391
Table of Contents

1. A History of Far-Right Ecologism

2. The far right and nature now

3. Online far-right ecologism and far-right movements

4. Deadly Ecofascist Violence

5. Towards Ecofascism Proper?

About the Author
Alex Roberts and Sam Moore are researchers, anti-fascist activists, and the hosts of 12 Rules for WHAT, a podcast about the far right from the perspective of the Left.
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