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Netflix and Streaming Video
The Business of Subscriber-Funded Video on Demand

<i>Netflix and Streaming Video</i> is the first book to provide a comprehensive foundation for understanding the business of subscriber-funded streaming video and its implications for the role of these services in culture. Drawing on Lotz's two decades of research, the book highlights the similarities and differences among streaming video services (Netflix; Amazon) and video distribution technologies (broadcast; satellite; internet). Making a number of provocative and thought-provoking arguments, the book first reveals how the reliance on subscriber payment and video on demand produce different norms and strategies compared to previous video businesses. It then investigates Netflix and how its blend of characteristics distinguishes it from other subscriber-funded video on demand services. This book expertly shows that by understanding the underlying economic and technological dynamics of these services (and their differences), it is possible to better assess the actions taken by these companies and what the future of video may encompass.

This book is a must-read for students and scholars of Media and Communications Studies as well as those wishing to learn more about Netflix and streaming video services.

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  • June 2022 (hb)
    May 2022 (pb)
  • 176 pages
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Table of Contents


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Section One: Subscriber-funded streaming services are different from linear services

1. Experience: On Schedules and Viewing Practices

2. Building Libraries: Conglomerating Niches and Beyond?

3. Subscriber Funding: On Success Metrics, Program Strategies, and Demographics

4. Licensing, Labour, Regulation, and Recommendation

5. Scale and Specialization

6. The Discrepant Field of Global Services

Section One Conclusion

Section Two: Netflix is not like other subscriber-funded streaming video services

7. Netflix Content Concepts and Vocabulary

8. Netflix Library Strategies

9. Netflix Content Strategies

10. Netflix’s Approach to Being Global

Section Two Conclusion




About the Author
Amanda D. Lotz is Professor of Digital Media and Communication at Queensland University of Technology.
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