Welcome to the 9th edition of Sociology !

We’re proud to present the 9th edition of Anthony Giddens and Philip W. Sutton’s Sociology !

Perfectly blending classics with contemporary sociological work, and thoughtfully combining clear introductions with engaged pedagogy, it has been designed to open up the sociological imagination to undergraduates today.

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The book includes numerous features:

Global Society boxes, highlighting the international connections we live amidst. Click here to see an example.

Using Your Sociological Imagination boxes, showcasing sociology’s insights into all aspects of our world. Click here to see an example.

Classic Studies boxes, giving readers a solid grounding in seminal sociological work. Click here to see an example.

Cross-references to other chapters where key issues,
topics or concepts span different areas of sociology.

Thinking Critically ‘stop and think’ moments to apply knowledge and develop sociological skills.

Each chapter ends with a set of resources – Chapter Review (revision questions on key points), Research in Practice (a recent piece of sociological work is offered for critical interrogation), Thinking it Through (posing a problem for investigation), Society in the Arts (exploring sociological insights in popular culture and arts), Further Reading and Internet Linksclick here to see an example.