05 Apr

Nabil Dajani on the Arab origins of print media

Posted By Politybooks

Nabil DajaniSeveral researchers of the Arab print media inaccurately claim that Islam prohibited printing and assume that printing began with Gutenberg. Thus they begin their study of Arab print media from the period of what I consider to be the dark age of the Arab world, the demise of the Ottoman Empire. The chapter on Arab printing corrects this inaccuracy and suggests that Arabs knew printing before Gutenberg and that printing (block printing) flourished during the earlier periods of Islam.

In discussing the development of early Arab newspapers the book also focuses on the geo-political factors that affected the development of the popular Arab papers. Earlier works often give attention to the official papers.

Nabil Dajani
is Professor of Communications at the American University of Beirut and the co-author of Arab Media.