Open Access titles at Polity

Polity is able to offer authors the option of publishing their work as Open Access, making their work freely available to download in digital form through our website under a Creative Commons licence. Print and ebook versions are also available for purchase through the normal retail channels.

Open Access publishing is usually only offered for scholarly monographs. We encourage interested authors to contact the relevant subject editor to discuss this option. Authors are required to pay a fee and you may wish to explore in advance whether funding for this purpose is available from your institution or research funding body.

An Open Access title from Polity is free to download as a PDF from the book’s webpage. You are free to read and share according to the terms of the Creative Commons licence attached to the book, details of which can be found on the imprints page.

Please note: Polity Open Access titles may contain copyrighted third-party material. Proper permission to reuse this material should be sought from the relevant rights holder. Authors should also bear in mind that, when clearing permissions for their Polity book, they may need to specify that it will be made available as an Open Access title.