05 Apr

Pádraig Carmody on the new scramble for Africa

Posted By Politybooks

websites.staff.display_imageForeign direct investment in Africa has risen six-fold since 2000 on an annualised basis, according to the publication African Business. African trade is also booming and these interlinked processes are indicative of the “new scramble for Africa” which is currently underway. While in the 1990s Africa was primarily conceived of in the capitals of the great powers as a security threat or problem, the growing scarcity of critical natural resources globally, particularly in the context of rapid Asian growth means that the continent is once again central to the interests of great and emerging powers in both economic and political terms.

My book examines the drivers of renewed economic interest in Africa, the strategies different actors from the Chinese state to small foreign-owned companies employ, and what the impacts of these engagements are on African poverty, politics, labour and its environment. What is currently happening on the continent will shape its development prospects in the coming decades. I hope you enjoy the book and would be happy to discuss it with you on the Polity blog.

Pádraig Carmody is senior lecturer in geography at Trinity College Dublin and the author of The New Scramble for Africa.