04 Jul

Practising health communication

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apker-julie--communicationsIn what ways does communication in health organizations matter to patients, consumers, and health professionals? How do health organizations function communicatively? Why do the people who work in health professions interact as they do? Communication in Health Organizations provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary review of the research literature to help readers answer these questions and reflect on their own involvement in the health system.

Spanning communication, medicine, nursing, allied health, and public health, this book considers the complexities and contingencies that constitute the organization of health care. Using systems theory, an approach that enhances reader understanding of health organizing, readers will gain familiarity with the communication processes and behaviors that comprise a wide range of health settings. Understanding and applying the concepts discussed in this book can improve communication in health organizations, which ultimately benefits health care delivery.

Each chapter in the book includes “Communication in Practice” and “Ripped from the Headlines” features that provide opportunities for reader engagement. Readers can put communication principles into actual practice in health organization contexts and apply chapter topics to health system current events.

Julie Apker is an associate professor in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University. She is the author of Communication in Health Organizations.