There were only a few women economists who made it to the surface and became a clear voice in the history of economic thought of Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman, right? Wrong.In this book, distinguished economist Edith Kuiper shows us that the history of economic thought is just that—a his-story—by telling the “herstory” of econo ...... Read More
Christianity is often assumed to be pro-capitalist and socially conservative – in short, necessarily aligned with the political right. But can this be straightforwardly true of a religion founded by a figure who drew his early followers from among the poor and downtrodden and spoke against the accumulation of earthly riches?In this book, Anthony A.J. Williams shows that this assump ...... Read More
Jo Labanyi and Luisa Elena Delgado provide the first cultural history of modern literatures in Spain. With contributors Helena Buffery, Kirsty Hooper and Mari Jose Olaziregi, they showcase the country’s cultural complexity by working across its four major literary cultures – Castilian, Catalan, Galician and Basque – from the eighteenth century to the present.Engaging ...... Read More
Labour has been on a wild ride over the past 30 years. New Labour argued that we had no choice but to accept a globalized free-market economy in which the race was to the swift, the open and the flexible. Corbynism reacted against this with a jumble of old school statism and identity politics. Both ultimately failed.In this book, Maurice Glasman takes the axe to the soulless utilitari ...... Read More
The West’s strategy of engagement with China has failed. More than three decades of trade and investment with the advanced democracies have left that country far richer and stronger than it would otherwise have been.  But growth and development have not caused China’s rulers to relax their grip on political power, abandon their mercantilist economic policies, or accept the ru ...... Read More
The death of God in the West was the prelude to a formidable metaphysical soap opera which, according to Michel Houellebecq, continues to this day. Christianity’s masterstroke was to combine a fierce belief in the individual with the promise of eternal participation in Absolute Being. When that dream failed, various attempts were made to offer the individual a minimum of being. The la ...... Read More
A keen athlete in his late 40s, philosophy professor Kevin Aho hadn’t given much thought to his own mortality, until he suffered a sudden heart attack that left him fighting for his life in an ICU ward. Confronted with death for the first time, he realized that the things he thought gave his life meaning, such as his independence or his ability to plan his own future, were in ta ...... Read More
As a woman with a husband and other partners, philosopher Carrie Jenkins knows that love is complicated.Love is most often associated with happiness, satisfaction and pleasure. But it has a darker side we ignore at our peril. Love is often an uncomfortable and difficult feeling. The people we love can badly let us down. And the ways we love are often quite different to the romantic ideal ...... Read More
We thought of culture as a disinterested activity but sociologists showed long ago that it is a form of capital, used to gain power, status or money. This book does to sex what other sociologists did to culture: it shows that sex, no longer defined by religion, now plays a role in the economy and can yield tangible benefits in terms of money, status and occupation. How do people accumulate se ...... Read More
Netflix and Streaming Video is the first book to provide a comprehensive foundation for understanding the business of subscriber-funded streaming video and its implications for the role of these services in culture. Drawing on Lotz's two decades of research, the book highlights the similarities and differences among streaming video services (Netflix; Amazon) and video distribution techno ...... Read More
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