11 Apr

Sharing good news

Posted By Politybooks

Polity is pleased to share news of a few reviews of Investigating Gender. We’re really happy to see that people are enjoying this book as much as we have in working on it!

Sex Roles  December 2012 (vol 67, issue 11-12, pp. 696-8)

“Thompson and Armato have published a textbook that has helped me rethink what it means to teach an introductory or even upper-division undergraduate course in the Sociology of Gender or a social science-oriented interdisciplinary course in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies… [They] have helped me re-evaluate the virtues of conceptual frameworks using a textbook… Investigating Gender is a great resource for teaching and learning.”



Radical Pedagogy   January2013 (Volume 10: Issue 1 Winter 2012)

“Thompson and Armato masterfully incorporate theory, methods, and research in a manner accessible for the undergraduate classroom… In the process, readers transform themselves into gender analysts, fusing sociological feminist principles and inquiries into aspects of everyday life and the social institutions in which they are a part… Thompson and Armato go beyond offering another good option for teaching about gender in the undergraduate classroom. For me, they present the one-stop solution.”


Gender and Education  June 2012 (vol 24, Issue 6)

“The major strength of the book is its intentional organisation… Whereas some texts, on any topic, can feel contrived, Thompson and Armato deliver a pattern of examining personal, anonymous experiences that lead the reader to further inquiry.”