30 Jan

Something is rotten in the state of Tennessee

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As COVID-19 sweeps through our societies, farmers who rely on migrant workers are experiencing acute labor shortages. At one farm in Tennessee, every single one of its 200 employees was infected by the virus and had to isolate. Similar problems are occurring in other states and other countries, from Maine to California, from the UK to Italy, Spain, and Australia. Because of the pandemic, we are faced with a typically absurd capitalist crisis: thousands of workers cannot work and sit idly by while tons of fruit and vegetables lie rotting in the fields.

Writing with his characteristic zeal and keen eye for the absurd, Slavoj Žižek delves into the surprising dimensions and cruel injustices of lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing—as well as the increasingly unruly opposition to them by a ‘response-fatigued’ public around the world.

Sequel to his acclaimed Pandemic!, Žižek’s new book is a must-read for everyone trying to make sense of the great social health crisis of our time.

“Pandemic! 2: Chronicles of a Time Lost” by Slavoj Žižek is out now. But through us or check with your local bookseller.

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