Guanxi: How China Works

By Yanjie Bian

This book is about the social logic of how China works. The focus of analysis is on guanxi, the Chinese expression of personalized social relations. Personal and social relations are important in every culture and society because people live and work in the contexts of these relations. … Read More

Are Chief Executives Overpaid?

By Deborah Hargreaves

Ten years on from the banking crisis that nearly broke the western economy, we could finally be approaching a new capitalist ethos.

When you have Goldman Sachs’ former chief economist writing in the Guardian that businesses need to rediscover purpose, as well as profit, a change … Read More

Challenging modern economic theory

Institutions and the Economy examines how institutions – understood as the formal and informal rules and practices that surround us as we go about our daily lives – enable and shape economic life. Institutions impact consumer preferences, the actions and processes of firms, wealth and poverty in countries, the growth … Read More