Thoughts on the Second Edition of China’s Environmental Challenges

Since the publication of the first edition of China’s Environmental Challenges in 2015, the most common question I am asked is whether I think China will be able to resolve its environmental problems. The answer, of course, is complex, but the simplest response is simply, “It must.” As I outline … Read More

Examining the Chinese Nationality Policy

Ethnicity in China addresses this important question: Are Western criticisms of China’s nationality policy valid?

China’s nationality policy is a key topic in the study of ethnicity in the People’s Republic of China since it determines who ethnic minorities are and how they are governed. This book shows that China’s … Read More

Creative Industries in China: Art, Design, Media

Creative Industries in China is drawn from my research over the past decade on how Chinese policy makers, artists, designers and media practitioners are attempting to change a widespread perception that China is an uncreative nation. The ‘world factory’ portrayal is an uncomfortable reminder for many of economic dominance which … Read More

What lessons does China’s urbanization hold?

China was historically an agrarian society with the majority of its population engaged in farming and living in rural areas, and this configuration continued until the last quarter of the twentieth century. But the country has aggressively urbanized since, adding more than 400 new cities and hundreds of millions of … Read More

China’s environmental future

China’s huge environmental challenges affect not only the health and well-being of China but the very future of the planet.  I wrote China’s Environmental Challenges to provide students, teachers, and the general public with a way of organizing a topic of utmost importance and great complexity.  

I hope that … Read More