Economics and Sex: The Naked Truth

In March 2018, in the British coastal resort of Brighton, a female Cambridge economist went on a secret mission. She left her dingy hotel room, took the lift downstairs to the conference suite and walked into the gala reception of the Royal Economic Society annual conference (a gathering of some … Read More

Reversing the globalization backlash

By Colin Crouch

Reversing the backlash against globalization requires active politics in two opposite directions: the strengthening of democracy beyond the level of the nation state; and strenuous efforts at local economic development.

In The Globalization Paradox Dani Rodrik argued that we have a choice among democracy, national sovereignty and … Read More

Are Chief Executives Overpaid?

By Deborah Hargreaves

Ten years on from the banking crisis that nearly broke the western economy, we could finally be approaching a new capitalist ethos.

When you have Goldman Sachs’ former chief economist writing in the Guardian that businesses need to rediscover purpose, as well as profit, a change … Read More

Why global health needs more attention – reflections on writing a book on this topic

In our latest book Global Health: An Introductory Text we have drawn upon a social scientific lens to critically consider this topic area, because we believe that the social determinants of health should be at the forefront of analyses in this area. That is not to say that the physical … Read More

Cities in Global Capitalism

Cities in Global Capitalism explores what is called here the city-capitalism nexus and its political, economic and cultural significance in times of advanced globalization. Today, cities are at the centre of debates over capitalist globalization and everyday life. The professional news outlets as well as the multitudinous social media are … Read More

How does globalization affect food security today?

Bryan McDonald blogs on food security in a global age

From food riots in Mozambique, Egypt and Haiti to tainted food recalls in the United States and China, questions of food quantity and quality have emerged as critical issues of concern for states, international organizations, and individuals.

Globalization and global Read More

Jane Fuller on the new revised Ed. of Davies & Green’s Global Financial Regulation

With all the hand-wringing that goes on over financial regulation, you would think that books on the subject would be two a penny. Surprisingly, they are not. So, Howard Davies’s and David Green’s book, Global Financial Regulation, remains an essential guide.

This is despite the fact that, as they … Read More

Luke Martell on Globalization after Copenhagen and the Financial Crisis

The Sociology of Globalization discusses dimensions of globalization from media and identity to migration and social movements, from history to theories. It also argues that environment, economics and politics are things that any sociologist who aspires to understand society needs to pay attention to. These dimensions affect society. They are … Read More