A History of Childhood, 2nd Edition

I welcomed the opportunity to produce a second edition of A History of Childhood for Polity, given that it is now sixteen years since the original first appeared. The new edition retains the aim of writing a wide-ranging introduction to the history of childhood, going back to the early medieval … Read More

Who should respond to international epidemics?

 When there is an international disease outbreak, who should respond? Who should coordinate disease surveillance operations? Answering these questions is less straightforward than commonly thought.

The World Health Organization is charged with being the lead agency to respond to transnational infectious disease epidemics, but it is hardly the only interested … Read More

Practising health communication

In what ways does communication in health organizations matter to patients, consumers, and health professionals? How do health organizations function communicatively? Why do the people who work in health professions interact as they do? Communication in Health Organizations provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary review of the research literature to help readers … Read More

Big corporations are bigger than the Big Society

News that the UK government has been spending 56 million a day sub-contracting its own activities to private corporations makes interesting reading. There have been repeated government claims that, under the Big Society programme, it is concerned to ensure that a wide range of different kinds of organization would win … Read More

Colin Barnes on the new edition of ‘Exploring Disability’

A decade ago, a socio/political or ‘social model’ of disability – inspired by an understanding of the economic, political and social deprivations encountered by people with accredited impairments and labelled ‘disabled’ – was hardly visible within mainstream sociology and related disciplines. Today it stands centre stage alongside sociological explanations of … Read More