Psychology and Social Work

Social work has become increasingly depersonalised in an era of managerialism and performance management, many aspects of what were once known as the ‘Personal Social Services’ having been lost. This book is a timely reminder for social workers and other professionals that the personal, the individual, should still be at … Read More

Understanding the Life Course

What makes us live or die the way we do or often survive to such an old age today? Is it biology/genetics or society/culture which decide our life pathways? Alternatively, are our lives a result of the complicated and often unclear interactions between biology and the environment? Are we therefore … Read More

Social Work and Disability by Peter Simcock and Dr. Rhoda Castle

A number of things motivated us to begin this book – and, indeed, to follow it through to completion in the face of many competing commitments, including our ‘day jobs’. First of all, we have observed some inspiring social work practice with disabled people, and this is an area of … Read More