Cities in Global Capitalism

Cities in Global Capitalism explores what is called here the city-capitalism nexus and its political, economic and cultural significance in times of advanced globalization. Today, cities are at the centre of debates over capitalist globalization and everyday life. The professional news outlets as well as the multitudinous social media are … Read More

What lessons does China’s urbanization hold?

China was historically an agrarian society with the majority of its population engaged in farming and living in rural areas, and this configuration continued until the last quarter of the twentieth century. But the country has aggressively urbanized since, adding more than 400 new cities and hundreds of millions of … Read More

Communities and networks: Using social network analysis to rethink community and urban studies

We have lived in communities as long as we have been human, but do we really understand how communities work and what they do? Technological changes, especially the growth of the internet, have led researchers to reevaluate many of our assumptions about the nature of community and communal life – … Read More