The End of Multi-Racial Democracy

By Richard Johnson

Many Americans take for granted that the history of their country’s development follows a linear progression of expanding rights towards a ‘more perfect Union’. Each generation, it is assumed, will be better off, more inclusive, and more tolerant than the one before it. Daron Acemoglu and James … Read More

Badiou on Trump

Extract from Trump by Alain Badiou

“Is the election of Trump a true disaster, the beginning of the end of democratic freedom, the triumph of racism, sexism, and social violence? Certainly it is a dark day for freedom, justice, and equality. I understand that, on the level of public opinion, … Read More

Are Chief Executives Overpaid?

By Deborah Hargreaves

Ten years on from the banking crisis that nearly broke the western economy, we could finally be approaching a new capitalist ethos.

When you have Goldman Sachs’ former chief economist writing in the Guardian that businesses need to rediscover purpose, as well as profit, a change … Read More