10 Jan

The mainstreaming of the Right

Posted By Politybooks

The far right has left the political margins for the political mainstream, blurring the distinction between the two. From Jerusalem to London to Washington, nowhere is immune to it. In the last year far right parties entered parliament in Germany and Spain and government in Estonia. In the US, President Donald Trump is reshaping the Republican Party in his own image, as hate crime and white terrorism surge, while the BJP is on track to extend its government rule in India. All the while, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is moving his country closer to its right-wing authoritarian past. 

Today’s far right is neither your grandfather’s world-destroying fascism, nor your father’s ineffective radical right. Its mainstreaming and normalization is the major threat to liberal democracies around the world. This book aims to educate and empower its readers to help fight off this threat and strengthen liberal democracy for the future.

Cas Mudde’s The Far Right Today is now available from Polity.

Also available from Waterstones, Amazon and Wordery. Or check availability with your local bookstore.

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