17 Feb

When things fall apart

Posted By Politybooks

Our world today displays all the signs of impending collapse: the climate continues to heat up, wild fires burn uncontrollably, glaciers melt at an unprecedented rate, the Covid-19 pandemic refuses to die down, thousands of species face extinction. Anyone with any sense of realism knows that we’re in trouble and that we need to think long and hard about what we’re doing to our planet and to the other species with which we share a common habitat. Another end of the world is possible but it won’t come about unless we take stock of what’s happening around us, imagine alternatives and transform our relationship to the world. This book is a bold and radical step on this necessary journey.

‘We need to get serious about living on the Earth. This deceptively simple truism is the starting-point for this utterly radical book by the three founders of “collapsology”. Here they address the question of how to live through an eco-driven societal collapse, laying out a path beyond our civilization’s chronic destructiveness into a more mature autonomy that will be found only in the joining together of interdependence and collapse-readiness. If you want to know what lies beyond survivalism, and how collapse might be navigable as something other than mass death and disaster, read this book!’

Rupert Read, author of This Civilisation is Finished